Fire Station Controller

FLAv2 Fire Station Controller

ISIMET® Fire Station Cooking Controller

  • The kitchen is the primary “gathering place” in a fire station.
  • The gas stove and gas BBQ grills are in constant use, as are electric appliances such as hot plates, microwaves, instant pots, deep fryers and more.
  • When a fire station receives a fire call, firefighters rush to the emergency and sometimes don’t turn off stoves and appliances…with potentially disastrous results.
  • The ISIMET FLA helps prevent such calamities. When a fire house call is received, the FLA automatically disables gas and electric utilities unless the Bypass button is pushed within 30 seconds of the fire call. Utilities then remain activated.
  • The Outdoor Grill Controller (OGC), located near a gas grill, provides gas to the grill. When the Gas ON button is pressed, gas flows to the grill. The OGC includes a “time-out” function that automatically disables gas after the time-out period. The programmable time-out period is usually four hours.
  • The Emergency button also shuts down all utilities.
  • LED lights indicate utility status. The green light indicates that utilities are on; red lights indicate utilities are off.


Isimet Outdoor Grill Controller

  • The OGC (Outdoor Grill Operator), mounted within line-of-sight, operates independent of the FLAv2 controller and can be turned on or off without first turning on the FLAv2 controller. The OGC is set to a standard operational time of 2 hours, but may be set to allow gas flow for up to 8 hours. In emergency situations, the FLAv2 and OGC will turn off unless the bypass is pressed within the preset timeout period.
FLAv2 Outdoor Grill Controller
Helps keep First Responders, Staff and facilities safe


NFPA45, NFPA54, NFPA101, IFGC409