Utility Safety Controls Since 2000


ISIMET controls access to utilities (gas, water, electric, etc.) to help keep students, employees and facilities safe.


Utility Controller
  • ISIMET is the leading manufacturer of utility control systems, offering a full line of utility controllers for schools, drug testing labs, commercial kitchens, fire station kitchens, school woodshops and gas grills/fire pits.
  • ISIMET programmable utility controllers enable authorized users to control when utilities (gas, water, electric, etc.) are available, thus preventing unauthorized use, accidents and vandalism.
  • ISIMET’s safety features include emergency shut-off buttons, fuel gas sensors and more to disable utilities and notify building management if gas leaks, flowing water or emergencies are detected.
  • ISIMET UL approved products comply with the International Fuel Gas Code and the National Fire Protection Association Safety Code.
  • ISIMET has been manufacturing utility controllers in Naples, Texas since 2000 and backs its products with the longest warranty in the industry—5-Years.