Utility Safety Controls Since 2000


ISIMET is the leading manufacturer/innovator of utility controllers. Headquartered in Naples, Texas, ISIMET proudly designs and assembles its products in the U.S.A.

Since 2000, ISIMET has manufactured quality utility control products for use in school science laboratories, drug testing labs, commercial kitchens, fire stations, school woodshops, and communal fire pits and gas grills. We offer turn-key products that meet the needs of most customers but can customize upon request, enabling ISIMET to control many types and combinations of utilities. ISIMET systems feature integrated communication between components and building management systems.

ISIMET utility controllers regulate access to utilities (gas, water, electric, etc.). By controlling utility access, ISIMET fulfills its mission to help prevent accidents and vandalism and keep students, employees and facilities safe.

ISIMET utility controllers are UL listed and backed by the longest warranty in the industry—5-Years.